:Testimonials for\\NAXCO

Graham F, Feb 2020 - Out building  Renovation

I hired Karl and his company through one of those builder apps on my phone, that my daughter had recommended. I was a little apprehensive as you hear all manner of horror stories in the press. I need not have worried one bit, I found Karl to be extremely friendly and professional and was pleasantly surprised to see him get his hands dirty whilst undertaking my work. I didn’t think bosses did that these days. I employed Naxco’s services to dig out and prepare the foundations and then erect the outbuilding at the rear of my property. I was extremely happy with the result and how hard Karl and his employee worked, they even finished a little ahead of schedule. I now have a superb outhouse for storage of all my extensive gardening tools and equipment. It’s a lot more secure and stable than my old shed. I will definitely use him again for any new projects and can say nothing bad about him or his work.

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